penpenny is a platform where you can write as well as earn. There are three divisions for payment section where you can keep a check on your amount and withdraw it likewise.

Current Credits:
  • The credits will be given accordingly as per the number of views, likes, and traffic your article/question is gathering.
  • It also will help you to withdraw your earned money.
  • This section consists of analytic graphs and tables.
  • The analytic graph is a graphical representation of the overall use of your account for a selected period of time.
Credit History:
  • You can check your credit history in this section by choosing the required dates.
  • The status of your credits will also be mentioned here.
  • There are five kinds of status which will be shown namely, In-Progress, Approved, Completed, Denied, and Failed.

Note: Progress represents for your balance is in progress to get approved. Approved represents your payment getting approved for being deposited into your account. Completed represents for your amount is deposited successfully into your account. Denied represents that your payment is not approved and won’t be deposited. Failed represents that your amount was processed but it failed in completion.

Payment Setting:
  • Here you can get the details of your payments.
  • For activating this, you need to go to payment settings and fill the payment details form.
  • Details needed for the payment details form are your name, IFSC code, MICR code, and your account number.
  • Also, your Last credits and current credits can be seen in this column.
  • Here you can also edit all details regarding your account number.

Note: Cross check the account number and other details before proceeding. Providing fake/wrong information will result in the failed or wrong payment in favor of the user. In such cases, penpenny won't be responsible for the consequences.