We at penpenny recognise that user confidentiality is very vital, and we happen to take it very seriously. Our penpenny Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") defines our guidelines and dealings on the assemblage, usage, disclosure, and sharing of user information when you use the penpenny platform. We will not use or share user information with anyone except as described in this given Privacy Policy. This Policy applies to activities by Penpenny Infotech and its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively "penpenny," "we," or "us"). Capitalised terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy are included in our Terms and Conditions of Service.

The information we will be collecting from you:

We accumulate data straight from the user, from third-parties and repeatedly through the penpenny platform.

User account and profile data:

When you create an account and profile on the penpenny platform, we collect your name, contact details, and other data that you would require to provide, such as those topics which you know about or find interesting. Your name, photograph, and the additional information that you choose to add to your public-facing profile that will be accessible for viewing to users of the penpenny platform. Once that have you activated your profile, other users will be able to see what is in your profile. The information about your activities on the penpenny platform, such as the questions you’d post, answers you'd reply or any article you’d write. Also, the followers and the people you will follow, topics that will interest to you, and the data that you would list as credentials, and your edits to your content.

User’s content:

We collect and accumulate the data and content that users will be posting to the penpenny platform, including their questions, answers, photos, comments. The content is written by user and he/she retain all copyrights for it. However, on what date it was written and time stamps, and all associated comments are publicly viewable on the penpenny platform, along with your name. There is a possibility that this information can be indexed by search engines and also be republished somewhere else on the internet in agreement with our Terms of Service.

Communicating with us:

When you communicate with us (via email, phone, through the penpenny platform or otherwise), we can preserve a record of your communication.

Integrated provisions and linked networks:

If you have selected to connect your penpenny user account to any other online service provider, for example, any social networking service, you will be permitting us to authorise and receive from the Integrated Service Provider, details of your log-in’s and other user data. You can elect to Sign-In or Sign-Up to the penpenny platform through a linked network like Facebook or Google (each a “Linked Network”). If you have selected to Sign-Up through a Linked Network, you will be asked to allow the sharing of your contacts with penpenny. If you agree to this input, in order to simplify a more linked experience, we may send notices notifying your contacts you have joined penpenny so that through you, your contacts can find us and follow each other on the penpenny platform.

Collecting information automatically:

We happen to use cookies, the log files and pixel tags. Also local storage objects, and few other tracking machineries to routinely collect data about your activities, such as your searches, number of page views, the date and particular time of your visit, and some other information about your use on the penpenny platform. We may also collect and store information that your computer or mobile device provides to us in connection with your use of the penpenny platform such as your browser, type of processor, laptop or mobile device that you use. The browsing language, IP addresses, mobile carriers, unique device identifier, your current location, and requested and referring URLs. We also receive data when you view content on or through otherwise interaction over the penpenny platform. For more details, check the Cookies, Pixels and Tracking section below.

Ad services:

The penpenny platform contains the penpenny advertising services (“Ad Services”), which collects user activities and browsing history within the penpenny platform and across third-party sites and online services, counting those that include our ad pixels (“Pixels”), widgets, plug-ins, buttons, or other related services. Mostly our Ad services collects user’s browsing information – such as IP address and their location, date of browsing and time imprint, user agent, penpenny cookie ID (if applicable), URL, and time zone, and other information about user activities on the penpenny platform. Apart from this, the third party sites and services that might have embedded on our Pixels, widgets, plug-ins, buttons, or related services. Below are the details on how third party provide the data and how pixels are used.

Third parties:

We can receive user data from third parties, such as other users (logged-in at penpenny), our partners (including ad partners), or our affiliated companies. For example, people making their accounts on penpenny platform may share, comment, post or disclose information about you. They might mention you in their content itself or can possibly reply to your written Content, or even share some or other information about your Content via other websites or sources. The users of our Ad services and additional third-parties may share database about you, that can contain a cookie ID, device ID, or demographic or awareness data, and material about content viewed or actions taken on a third party website, online service or applications. The users of our Ad services may also be able to upload certain customer list information (e.g., email or phone number) in order to create customised viewers sections for sure operations, and can reach out to the users of the penpenny platform.

How we can use your information:

We at penpenny do not trade your personal identifying information – such as your name and contact details – this is to make sure that no third party can use your contact information if it happens to be with us. Following are mentioned points on how we use your information and strive to make penpenny platform a better stage to use by the users.

  • When we provide you the services that we offer on the penpenny platform, we try to communicate with you more about your use of the penpenny platform, and in return we make sure to respond to the inquiries you make, provide troubleshooting, and for also make sure we are up to date about other customer service purposes.
  • To tailor the content and data that we may obtain, send or display to you on the penpenny platform, we make sure to offer location customisation, and also give out a proper personalised help and instructions set, and to otherwise we personalize your experiences while using the penpenny platform.
  • We make sure to display interest-based marketing to you on the penpenny platform, to improvise our advertising and measurement systems so we can show you what the relevant ads are and also to measure the use and reach of ads and services. For more details, see the Ad Services section given below.
  • For advertising and publicity purposes, such as to send you bulletins and newsletters, some special offers, and elevations, or to otherwise contact you about the product or any other information we think that may interest you, including the information about third party products and services.
  • In order to maintain above detailed things, we try to track the feat of our communications and marketing, and then gather the metrics about our Ad Services.
  • This helps in better understanding on how users’ access and use the penpenny platform, including the mentioned Ad Services, both on a poised and revised basis, and for other enquiry and analytical purposes.
  • Further to estimate the consequences and consequently improvise the penpenny platform, including the Ad Services, and to develop new products and services.
  • We strive hard to fulfil with legal obligations, and as a part of our general business procedures, and for other commercial management purposes.
  • Where we believe that it is necessary to investigate at times and prevent or take action regarding illegal activities followed by some suspected frauds, situations that involve potential threats to the security of any individual or violations of our Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy.
How we will be sharing your information:

We at penpenny share information in the mentioned set below, and when the individuals have otherwise consented:

Our service providers:  We can share your information with third party service-providers who use your data to perform services for us, for example the payment processors, the hosting providers, auditors and advisors, also the consultants and, our customer service and support providers, as well as all those who assist us in assisting with the Ad Services.

Affiliations:  The data collected about you can be accessed and shared with respective subsidiaries and affiliates of penpenny, whose routine and revelation of your personal information is in to subject to this Privacy Policy.

Business transferences:  We can reveal or transfer information of user, including the personal data, as a part of any merger, sale, or transfer of our properties, procurements or rearrangement of all or part of our business, bankruptcy, or any similar event.

Where it is legally required: We can disclose your data if we are obligatory to do so by law.

Protection of the rights: We can reveal data when we trust it is essential to reply to the dues declared against us or, conform with legal process (e.g., subpoenas or warranties), enforcing or administered out for our agreements with respect to the terms and conditions, for prevention of fraud, assessment of the risks, investigation, and then protect the rights, belongings or protection of penpenny, its workers, or others.

Content you post and activities you do: The content you post on penpenny, including your name and profile name, profile picture and profile information, and also certain associated activities on the data that can be accessible to other handlers of the penpenny platform and that can be viewed publicly.

Ad services: We can share the data with users of our Ad Services collective statistics, and other information about the routine of their ads or content in the penpenny platform. We do not share user’s IP addresses or any personal information. We may also permit our publicists to use Pixels on the penpenny platform in order to assemble information about the routine of their ads.

We protect our user’s data: The safety of our user’s data is most important to us. penpenny has implemented safety measure to protect the data we collect. However, no website or Internet broadcast is wholly secure. Hence, we urge our users to take up steps to keep their personal data safe. For that we recommend choosing strong password and not to disclose it. Also we recommend them logging out of their user account, and closing their web browser when they finished using the penpenny platform.

Accessing and amending user information

Users can update or change their user account details by logging into their profiles anytime. Also, they can make few new other modifications for settings or over the display of information about them, as described in more details section.

Posts and user picks:

User may, of course, decline to submit some data via the penpenny platform, and in that case we may not be able to help or provide certain services. User may also set the types of notifications and messages we send, limit the data shared within the penpenny platform about them, and then alter certain privacy settings.

Cookies, Pixels, and Tracking:

We and our third-party benefactors use cookies, clears the GIFs/pixel tags and JavaScript’s. The local storage and other mechanisms are used to automatically collect and save data about your usage and browsing activities on the penpenny platform and across third-party sites or online services.

Cookies are the small files with the unique identifier which is transferred to the browser through our websites. These cookies allow us to remember the users that have logged in. Also in order to understand how many users are currently present and are navigating, cookies are necessary. To keep a track on the use of penpenny platform, and to display personalised content and targeted ads (including on third-party sites and applications) we use cookies.

If you do not want the cookies to be installed on your device, you can go in the settings and change it for your device. If you want some more information over how to reject cookies from your internet browser settings, please press the “Help” control of your internet browser. Please also note that, if you are about to set your Internet browser for rejecting cookies, you may not be able to access all of the functions of our websites.

Third-Party Content, Sites, and Contributions:

Some part of our website may contain some content and links to supplementary websites or applications that are operated by third parties. We do not control these third-party websites or applications (including whether or not they store cookies) and this Privacy Policy does not apply to them. Please refer the terms and conditions and Privacy agreement of the relevant third-party website or application to find out how and why that site/app collects and uses your data for any purpose.

How we will be looking after your information and how long we will be keeping it for: We use a variation in the technological and functioning security dealings to protect your data against any unofficial access, unlawful usage and modification and also destruction of any personal information we store.

Programming your information over the internet can prove insecure and non-trustworthy, and even though we are employing the measures to protect your data from unauthorised access, we cannot always make sure of the security of the data sent over the internet.

How we will be using the information about you: We can use your information for the following purposes, depending on the relationship we have with you. Before submitting your personal data to us, we will be providing you more specific information wherever necessary about how we will use your data, and link you to our privacy policy.

To fulfil and abide via permissible obligations or requirements we may require to use or course your personal information to obey with some legal requirements. Where we will need to process the data given for these details, this legal foundation will be an agreement with a permitted obligation.

Changes we make in to Our Privacy Policy

If we changed our privacy policies and measures, we will be posting all those changes on this very page to keep you updated and aware of what information we would be collecting and, how we will be using it. Also under what settings we may disclose it will be mentioned henceforth.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above mentioned policies or our practices, kindly mail us at  help@penpenny.com