Given below are the policies that are applicable to all formats, including all given reviews, published photos and videos. The published 'Content' that will not meet the following mentioned criteria will be rejected from being published on penpenny.

We at penpenny are not contributor to distort truth. We follow rules and expect our users to do same. Hence if any content which won’t fit in the given norms, it will be removed effective immediately. This will constitute of articles, any reviews, photographs or videos which are explicit and illegal. If any of this content is uploaded, the user can be terminated and the content will be rejected.

Reviews that are automatically administered to perceive any unsuitable content like fake reviews and spam messages, will be cancelled out immediately.

General term policies:
  • The user must be more than 13 years of age.
  • There should not be any post regarding some harassment in accordance with sexuality, racism and religion.
  • There must not be any posts about nude, partially nude or suggestive for any sexual approach.
  • Any activity that will be posted under the user’s name will entirely held, the user responsible for it.
  • User will be taken responsible for keeping your password safe and secured.
  • User must not abuse, torture, threaten, impersonate or intimidate any other penpenny users.
  • User cannot use penpenny services for any illegitimate, illegal or unauthorised purpose. Global users must approve to comply with all our local laws, rules and regulations regarding online deportment and suitable content.
  • Users are solely answerable for their deportment and conduct over any data, text-files, any data, screen names, graphics, photos, profiles, audio and video clips, links ("Content") that you submit, post, and display on the penpenny service.
  • User should not do any modifications, or adapt or try to hack penpenny application or make changes through another source so as to misleadingly imply that it is linked with penpenny.
  • User should not access penpenny's private API by any other source other than the penpenny application itself.
  • User must not jam, crawl, or make any otherwise cache to any content from penpenny including but not imperfect to user profiles and photos.
  • User must not create or submit unsolicited email or comments to any penpenny members ("Spam").
  • User must not use any web URLs in their name without any prior written consent from penpenny Infotech.
  • User should not transmit, spread, any worms or viruses or put any code for any kind of destructive purpose.
  • User must not use any mathematical algorithm, bot, etc. to gain more views or take any undue advantage of system for gaining more views. Such activities will result in suspension of user account and penpenny reserves right to take any further legal action
  • User must not, violate any terms, rules and laws in the jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws) with respect to the use of penpenny.
  • Violation of any of these above-mentioned agreements will result in the permanent termination of your penpenny account. While penpenny strongly prohibits such misleading conduct and posting unauthorised content on its site, user must understand and in result they must agree that penpenny will not be responsible for the Content posted on its web site and you nonetheless may be exposed to such materials and that you use the Penpenny service at your own risk.
Term policies regarding Content that must not be Posted:
Unsolicited, Spam and fake content:

The content any user will post must be genuine and authentic. It should reflect the user’s honest skills and must not be posted just to manipulate other readers. Posting fake content or similar posts multiple time won’t be considered as genuine content. Also posting same content from multiple accounts is strictly restricted.

Restricted content :

For certain products or services related to particular subjects regarding controls and local regulations, users are requested to follow few guidelines while posting content. The content you upload may not make any featured calls to actions or some fancy offers for the sale of products or facilities that are subjected to local legal rules and regulations.

Promotion or Purchase:

Penpenny won’t be responsible for promotional offerings for restricted goods or services. For example, if any user posted any content regarding selling some goods or arts, if in case they fail to deliver or the buyer is not satisfied with the product, then it would be his/her sole responsibility. Penpenny won’t entertain you if such cases occur. Any dealings, or sharing coupons, listing pricing information or any other kind of promotions for any restricted product or service will be exclusively the user’s responsibility.

Inebriating content:

Any kind of images where alcoholic beverages (same or different) will be present but not the main focus will be allowed. If in case such content is found where excessive use of alcohol or any other kind of intoxication is provided at a larger scale, then it will be removed, effective immediately.

Illegal content:

We don't accept or entertain the content that is explicit, illegal or depicts illicit activity. Such content can includes, images or any other kind of content that might infringe on everyone else’s legal rights, including the copyrights. All sexual exploitation pictures and the content that might presents children in a sexual manner is strictly prohibited. All the content that can come under perilous or illegal acts such as: rape, organ sale, human trafficking is prohibited.

All the illegal products and services that can put under the terms of endangered animal products, the illegal drugs issues, or prescription of drugs that are diverted to the illegal markets are forbidden.

The images that can show the graphics or gratuitous vehemence, or even offers some promotional violence are not allowed. Content that is produced by or is on behalf of terrorist groups is strictly prohibited.

For any other legal issues, please go through the “Copyright or other legal issues” tab on the report a problem feature.

Providing personalised opportunities to create and connect with the people all over the world and make communication possible with each other is our major concern.

It helps in discovering and sharing things.

Every individual is different from one other, the relationships created through shared experiences can help to connect the people at a topmost level.

General Conditions:
  • We reserve the right to modify or terminate the penpenny service for any reason, without notice at any time. (condition: when they're reported again and again).
  • We reserve the right to alter these Terms of Use at any time. If the alterations constitute a material change to the Terms of Use, we will notify you via internet mail according to the preference expressed on your account. What constitutes a "material change" will be determined at our sole discretion, in good faith and using common sense and reasonable judgement.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
  • We reserve the right to force forfeiture of any user that becomes inactive, violates trademark, or may mislead other users.
  • We may, but have no obligation to, remove Content and accounts containing Content that we determine in our sole discretion are unlawful, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates any party's intellectual property or these Terms of Use.
Term policies regarding PAYMENTS:

We will be taking your work into consideration before paying you for your content.

This process can take time considering, the verification and approving process will be lined up once your selected content is sent to the concerning team.

This will also include the terms regarding plagiarism. If the selected content is genuine and is authentic, then the payment process will be completed.

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